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KMPG study says piracy can be turned to labels' advantage

Directors of the companies which own the major record labels aren't doing their job unless they insist management comes up with new business models to overcome Internet file-swapping "piracy," according to a KMPG study. Trying to invoke encryption to stop illegal downloads won't work, the study adds. Reuters reports via CNET News.

Artists, labels finally start teaching about "stealing"

Using the voices and words of superstar musicians, the recording industry is finally taking the advice of many of its critics on one point -- it is launching a multi-million dollar advertising campaign to teach teen-age music consumers and others that downloading unauthorized MP3 files violates copyright laws. CNet News' Lisa Bowman has the story.

Sony Music literally use glue to keep reviewers from ripping CDs

The New York Times (registration required), documents a case in which Sony Music's Epic Records unit has gone to he trouble of actually gluing shut a CD player and permanently affixing headphones to it so that record reviewers to whom hit sent a pre-release won't rip the songs onto MP3s.

Chicago federal judge rules Aimster file-sharer is illegal

U.S. District Judge Marvin Aspen describes Aimster as "a service whose very raison d'etre appears to be the facilitation of and contribution to copyright infringement on a massive scale," according to a recording-industry report on the judge's ruling.

Verizon resists labels' effort to pry name of "illegal" file swapper

Verizon is challenging the record industry, saying it won't reveal the name of a Verizon DSL Internet customer who is alleged to be a major illegal music file-sharer.

Record labels drop suit against Chinese pirate site

The five major record labels, continuing their aggressive legal stance against online file sharing, initially sued four major U.S. Internet service providers, asking them to block domain-level access to a Chinese music-piracy website. But then they dropped their suits after the website went dark. The AP's Anick Jesdanun has the story.

Report: AOL inadvertently stores pirated music on its servers

Reporter Jon Healey of The Los Angeles Times reports on how the online service AOL has been unwittingly duped by two MP3 file-sharing services into storing allegedly pirated music files on AOL servers. (Article may require registration to view)

Biden, Hatch seek to exempt ISPs from piracy liability

Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. told Congressional Quarterly that he is working on a bipartisan amendment to S.B. 2395 with Sen. Orrin G. Hatch that would prevent Internet service providers such as America Online from being held responsible for transmitting illegal copies of hit songs on the Internet.

Interim court ruling goes against Kazaa distributor, favors RIAA

CNET reports that a federal judge said Monday that record labels and film studios could expand an ongoing copyright lawsuit to include Sharman Networks, which distributes the popular Kazaa software.

Confessions of a music pirate: It benefits the artist

How do you justify downloading MP3 files without paying for them? Los Angeles-based music writer Mike Prevatt has writtten a defense of the practice in the Las Vegas, Nev., alternative weekly, CityLife. Prevatt gives concrete examples of the way file sharing is working to the commercial advantage of musicians and, as he says, "changing the music experience forever."
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