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Pioneer webcaster KPIG-FM decides it must charge -- $5.95/month

Both The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and CNET News have stories about Santa Cruz, Calif.-area radio station KPIG-FM, one of the first webcasters, which is back on the air despite copyright charges -- with a change. It's webcasts now cost $5.95 a month.

Indie label Artemis records waiving $0.07 cent streaming royalty

Reuters reports that Artemis Record's CEO Danny Goldberg has decided to waive the $0.07 cents/listener royalty fee that webcasters would otherwise have to pay to stream the independent label's artists. Goldberg says his goal is to promote diversity in music.

Royalty Fees Killing Most Web-Based Radio Stations

More than 200 Internet-based radio stations have shut down because of a royalty fee that takes effect in September, and more are closing daily, NewsFactor Network's Jefferson Graham reports.

Yahoo ends streaming consumer radio stations

Five years after its $5 billion acquisition of Broadcast.COM, Yahoo! is quitting the core business it acquired -- streaming hundreds of radio-station programs to an online consumer audience. The move is a clear indication that copyright and other issues have left broadcast-on-the-net in turmoil.
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