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Pauldingpathughes Pat Hughes is using a lifetime of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in

New England News Forum: Blogs as News...


New England News Forum, April 7, 2007. A rising voice: Blogs as news in communities and politics, and how should traditional media be involved? Recording of a breakout discussion session. Steve Garfield Howard Owens Recorded on a Nokia N95 and edited together with Quciktime Pro. [ 27:34 ]

Laurie David on ways to fight global climate change


Laurie David, the producer of "An Inconvenient Truth," spoke at the University of Vermont in fall, 2006. Watch a video of her talk and the ensuing Q&A.'s Mark Karlin on the future of online journalism


Mark Karlin, editor and publisher of, describes the mission of this progressive, pro-democracy site: to provide news and commentary on current events. Karlin discusses's user donation funding model and future models for journalism funding and ownership. Additionally, this video addresses the role of journalism in a democracy and the changing nature of the business, craft, and ethics of journalism.

Karlin was interviewed in 2006 by Bill Densmore, director of the Media Giraffe Project.

The Seattle Times: Newspapers, family ownership and public policy

In this 2006 interview, Frank Blethen and Mike Fancher discuss the Seattle Times on its 110th Anniversary, talking about the joys and challenges of running a locally owned family newspaper. They touch upon the uniqueness of this business model in the modern newspaper industry and the familys commitment to journalistic values and community service.

Mike Davidson of


The first in a series of interviews with media innovators fostering participatory democracy and community, the Media Giraffe project interviews Mike Davidson, founder of Newsvine Inc. Davidson discusses the changing news and media landscape.

List of archived video of MGP2006 summit


Click here for a list of archived video at Princeton's University Channel at the Woodrow Wilson School.

Through the courtesy of the University of California School of Journalism, The University Channel at Princeton University, and Apple Computer, the Media Giraffe Project at UMass Amherst is please to offer archived QuickTime video of key presentations at the MGP2006 summit conference: "Democracy & Independence: Sharing News & Politics in a Connected World."

Helen Thomas at Media Giraffe 2006


Helen Thomas talks about journalism and Iraq at the Media Giraffe Project 2006 conference.

MGP2006: Meme Films: Teaching Teens Media


Star Tribune editor describes "experience paper"


On Sept. 15, 2005, the Media Giraffe Project's Bill Densmore interviewed then-associate editor Nancy Barnes at the Minneapolis Star Tribune about the paper's involvement in a project lead by researchers at Northwestern University. The "Experience Paper" project sought to re-engineer the format and content of dalies to appeal to broader -- and particularly youth and ethnic -- reader groups. By 2007, Barnes had become the paper's editor. (TIME: 11 minutes)

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