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JTM:MN - Julia Opoti - Passion of Place


Julia Opoti, publisher of, is a Kenyan with an interest in social change. This interest inspired her to create an online community which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans.

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Breakout Session Report Back


Journalism That Matters Collaborative's New Pamphleteers conference at the University of Minnesota June 5, 2008.

Featured here is a report back from Thursday's breakout sessions.

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Jan Schaffer & John Nichols


A session from the Journalism That Matters Collaborative's New Pamphleteers conference at the University of Minnesota June 5, 2008.

This session features Jan Scaffer of the American University J-Lab and John Nichols author and blogger for The Nation. Both speak about the changing nature and future of Journalism.

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Closing


In the final moments of the New Pamphleteers/New Reporters conference at the Univ. of Minnesota, participants offer "headlines" to encapsulate what they've learned or what they expect from the Journalism That Matters event. More at:

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Reports and Reflections


On day two of the "New Pamphleteers/New Reporters," convening at the University of Minnesota, participants provide session reports and then reflections on issues like the challenge of finding time in an every-busier civic life. (more at

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Idea session


Watch a short clip from an idea session featuring thoughts Jane Johnson (on wikis) from the Newburgh, N.Y., Advocate; Cory Heidelberger of the Madville, S.D. Times; Josh Wolf and others.

JTM:MN - New Pamphleteers: Engaging the Public


Melissa Ferrier, of in Daytona Beach, Fla., leads a discussion at the June 4-6, 2008 "New Pamphleteers/New Reporters" event about how to engage the public with local online news websites. She is joined at the Univ. of Minnesota by other New Pamphleteers participants, including Linda Fantin of Minnesota Public Radio.

JTM:MN - Citizens at the Gates


Margaret Duffy discusses collaborative research surveying and analyzing the operations and challenges of more than 40 local online news/community sites nationwide and have provocative initial findings about gatekeeping, technology, and legacy news organizations.

JTM:MN - Mary Turck on Citizen Journalism


Mary Turck, editor for the Twin Cities Daily Planet, discusses her experiences with citizen journalism. Turck talks about the need for citizen journalism projects to mentor potential contributors.

JTM:MN - Matt Thompson on Citizen Journalism


Matt Thompson, deputy web editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, discusses his experiences with citizen journalism.

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