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Recording industry wants to brand copy-protected CDs

CNET News reported that The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is calling for an optional logo, which would appear either as part of the CD's cover artwork or as a sticker, so customers know that they are purchasing CDs with technology that prevents the discs from being digitally copied or downloaded.

A primer on "ripping" MP3 files from CDs

Michael Tedeschi, in a report in The Washington Post, provides summary of the features of software for lifting music from CDs and turning it into MP3 files which can then be shared or burned onto another CD.

Real Networks takes on Microsoft server software

In a head-on challenge to Microsoft Corp., RealNetworks Inc. has introduced universal server software that can be used to broadcast many standard Internet media files, including Microsoft's, The Boston Globe's Hiawatha Bray reports.

Apple unveils iPod for the Windows

Affirming its intent to use the wildly popular iPod MP3 player as a "Trojan horse" to infiltrate Microsoft territory and convert Windows users to Macs, Apple unveiled an iPod for Windows at the Macworld trade show in New York, writes reporter Jay Lyman.

Hollywood and Silicon Valley's marriage may be unraveling?

The historical marriage between Hollywood and Silicon Valley -- technology supported entertainment consumption -- is now threatening to unravel as technology that threatens to undermine copyright control hits the market. This Associated Press backgrounder examines the growing rift.

Nintendo's "Game Boy" will play MP3s

Los Angeles-based digital media device manufacturer SongPro Inc. will release this fall an add-on component for Nintendo's hand-held gaming system, Game Boy, that will allow it to double as a MP3 music player, Billboard Bulletin reports.

Toshiba MP3 player may hold 1,000 songs, PC World says

PC World reported that Toshiba is set to unveil a music player that stores files in the MP3, WMA or WAV digital audio file formats and offers enough space for around 1,000 MP3 files of five minutes in length recorded at 128 kbps -- 20 or 40 times the capacity of current memory cards.

Apple's iPod may be able to store 57,000 songs someday, MIT says

Erika Jonietz, writing in the July/August issue of MIT's Technology Review, says Apple's iPod music player may someday be able to store more than 57,000 songs -- if IBM and General Electric have anything to say about it.

Study: Music appreciation driving new-PC adoption in the home

Music will emerge as the "surprise killer application" to drive more PC purchases and broadband connections to the home, according to a Jupiter Media Metrix study.

Prices on portable MP3 devices all over the lot

Prices of portable MP3 players like the iPod or Rio are down as much as 50% over the last year, a survey USA Today finds.
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