Music-Artists Rights

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A new school for indie performers: at MassMoCA

Music critic Seth Rogovoy, whose home base is just a few miles from the world-famous Tanglewood Music School for classical musicians, writes about a "new music school" for independent performers, which is in residence at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art -- only 20 miles up the road from Tanglewood.

Michael Jackson, others, say Sony Music is racist. Really?

Michael Jackson is in a dispute with Sony Music over poor sales of his latest album, "Invincible". Jackson, supported by The Rev. Al Sharpton and other performers, says Sony's management is racists and conspires to cheat artists out of royalties. Sony responds that Jackson's charges are "ludicrous", adding the album cost $30 million to produce but has "only" sold 2 million copies.

Ten tips for musicians trying to "make it"

Ben Ohmart, the assistant editor of the Music Dish website, was in Los Angeles at the "Perfect Pitch -- The Business of Music" website. Read his talk to attendees -- his 10 tips to making it as a musician.

72 bands offer music for free if you take PDF download

Here's a new wrinkle in marketing music. "72 Free Music Downloads," described in a news release as a "directory of six dozen independent music artists who are willingly giving away their digital songs," is open. The catch -- you have to download a PDF-file format with the links to the music.
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