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Google resists government subpoena for search data, but Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft comply

May the users of Internet search services reasonably expect that their queries will remain private, and not the subject of government scrutiny? That's the issue joined by a subpoena issued in the summer of 2005 by the U.S. administration to four search engine companies. Three out of four complied: Google is resisting. Read the opinion of San Jose Mercury News/SiliconValley.COM columnist By John Paczkowski on the issue.

Encryption techniques pose major privacy threat, groups say

Technologies which encrypt music, forcing intrusive software on the user's computer, poses serious risks to consumer and societal rights, including privacy, fair use, free expression, and innovation, privacy advocates told a key congressional subcommittee on June 5. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation said the public is being pushed aside by industry interests in the debate over so-called "Digital Rights Management" (DRM).

EU to survey citizens on data privacy with website form

The Euopean Union is going to put up a survey form on its website which will ask consumers for their opinions on how the economic community should regulate data privacy -- if at all, Reuters reports. The EU things few citizens are aware that companies operating in the EU countries can't exchange personal information without consumer consent.

European regulators eye privacy of Microsoft "Passport"

European Union regulators are set to decide July 1 whether they will launch a formal investigation of Microsoft's .NET Passport system on grounds it breaks EU rules on data privacy, Reuters' Lisa Jucca reported June 11 from Brussels
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