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AP reporter cites MGP's Densmore in story about local online news sites in New Haven, San Diego

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Drew spoke with MGP's Bill Densmore while gathering background on local online news operations in New Haven and San Diego.

Kansas City infoZine reference to Jimmy Wales interview

Susan Mernit's blog reference -- "Looks pretty good . . . . "

Unmediated blog reference to MGP launch

Len Witt of Public Journalism Network picks up on MGP initial announcement

Kennesaw State University journalism professor Leonard Witt, who runs the Public Journalism Network, was the first to notice an announcement about the Media Giraffe Project.

Corante's Dominic Basulto notes "media giraffes" in New York City

Technology and financial journalist Dominic Basulto blogged at about the Media Giraffe Project, and the New York "media giraffes" in our database.

MGP interview with WikiPedia's Jimmy Wales noted at "Common Sense Journalism"

Douglas Fisher, former newspaper, broadcast and wire-service editor and reporter, reviewed the MGP interview with Jimmy Wales of WikiPedia, on his blog, "Common Sense Journalism."

Newberry's "Blogging of the President" directory includes MGP entry

Stirling Newberry's weblog "The Blogging of the President" maintains a "democracy directory" which includes a listing for The Media Giraffe Project.

Nigel Beale links to MGP interview with Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive project

Bibliofile Nigel Beale links to the Media Giraffe Project MP3 interview with Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive.
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