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New York editor starts "blog" on charging for music

What to know the latest about who's starting to charge for online music? Consult Rafat Ali, who started up a weblog called Paid Content. Rafat is managing editor of Silicon Alley Reporter and section editor for Venture Reporter magazine, but he does the blog as a moonlighting effort.

To charge or not to charge: Websites fhave no easy answer

Steve Outing and Rusty Coats researched a key question facing online publishers -- whether to charge for content -- and provide an inconclusive but action-oriented summary of the situation at the Poynter Institute website.

Jupiter says pay content will total $5.8B by 2006

The most experienced web users are resigned to the need to pay for content, and content providers are better able to start charging because most well-financed dot-com startups have gone out of business, according to Jupiter Media Metrix study. The study says online content commerce will reach $5.8 billion by the year 2006.

Multi-site collaboration viewed as salvation for content industry

With often-cited exceptions such as Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal, the conventional wisdom is that online sales of digital-content subscriptions isn't making anyone real money. But commentator Jimmy Guterman, writing in Business 2.0 magazine, thinks the answer may lie in something not yet tried -- multi-site collaboration.

RealNetworks posting loss, but consumer side strong

Despite posting loss, RealNetworks says growth among consumers remained strong, and that it had 700,000 subscribers paying for premium services, up from 600,000 in April. (Reuters via Boston.COM)
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