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The U.S. Supreme Court in 1936 -- fettering the press "fetters ourselves"

Justice George Sutherland, delivering the U.S. Supreme Court's 1936 decision in Grosjean v. American Press Co.

Clark: Time for new "stewardship" in newspaper executive ranks?

An expert on the newspaper industry says its time for management to take seriously the concept of "stewardship" to the public. And another says papers may be better able to transition from print to web than some businesses faced with changing technology.

QUOTE: James Carroll on a free press and the communal self-awareness that makes democracy work

The Boston Globe's James Carroll, in a column published Nov. 21, 2005 entitled "The Fall of Bob Woodward" lapses into a lyrical summary of why the free press matters.

QUOTE: Kovach on the link between news/journalism and democracy/community

Former Nieman Foundation curator and major-daily editor Bill Kovach, a co-founder of the Committee of Concerned Journalists, says it's difficult to separate news and journalism from democracy and community.

QUOTE: Joseph Pulitzer on the function of the press

The owner of the New York World and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Joseph Pulitzer, is an often-quoted source of inspiration for journalist.

QUOTES: Detroit exchanges seen as end of emotional attachment to newspapers and distraction from industry problems

The swapping of Detroit and other newspapers by Gannett and Knight Ridder "is further evidence of how financially driven these companies are," John Morton, the Baltimore, Md.-based media analyst, told the New York Times. "The era of when newspaper companies had an emotional attachment to their properties has really withered away." Colby Atwood, vice president of Borrell Associates, a media research firm, viewed the swap as an act of desperation, the Times wrote. "Elaborate property-swapping deals are kind of a distraction from the main thing that's going on in the industry," he told The Times, "and that's declining readership and declining share of ad revenue. (Click on the headline to read the full Times story).

Civics test should be a high-school requirement

"There's no reason why print and broadcast news shouldn't be a bigger part of the school curriculum, or why there shouldn't be a short civics/current affairs section on the SAT for college-bound students, or why all high-school seniors shouldn't have to take a nonbinding version of the civics test given to immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens."David T.Z. Mindich, writing in the Wilson Quarterly.
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