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Oreskes urges journalists not to commit professional suicide out of fear of dying

Journalists are in danger of committing professional suicide if they abandon core values in an effort to keep from dying, the executive editor of the International Herald Tribune has told a Toronto convention.

The late Bob Reid: Are modern management techniques killing newspapers?

A year after retiring from 20 years teaching journalism at the University of Illinois, Bob Reid died Dec. 14, 2004 of a heart attack at his Champaign-Urbana home. One thing which survives him is a Jan. 2000 essay he wrote for "Spike".

Al Gore challenges media to take on the task of saving democracy and constitution in the face of alleged Bush threats

In a Martin Luther King Day speech in Washington, D.C., former Vice President Al Gore challenges the media to take up the job of protecting democracy, the constitution and civil liberties from what Gore perceives as threats from the Bush administration. This was the second time in four months Gore has spoken about the nation's fragile democracy. (QUICKTIME VIDEO EXCERPT) or FULL STREAM Full text --->

John Nichols on Edna Mescher -- the ultimate teacher of journalistic principles

Author and journalist John McNichols recalls the journalistic values he learned as a teen-ager writing for Edna Mescher, editor of small weeklies in southeastern Wisconsin. ORIGINAL WEBSITE

ESSAY: "Fortune" editor nails dilemma for media: Will the public pay for what's good for it?

Fortune Magazine Editor-at-Large Justin Fox has written a tight, clear essay on the dilemma faced by mainstream media in the digital age. He says the media has to figure out how to offer "less of more" -- more variety to smaller niches of consumers -- while operating with ever-decreasing classified revenues. And in the end, he says, media executives have to find out if consumers will be willing to pay for it. Link to the full piece on Fortune or at the Media Giraffe blog site.

Civics test should be a high-school requirement

"There's no reason why print and broadcast news shouldn't be a bigger part of the school curriculum, or why there shouldn't be a short civics/current affairs section on the SAT for college-bound students, or why all high-school seniors shouldn't have to take a nonbinding version of the civics test given to immigrants who want to become U.S. citizens."David T.Z. Mindich, writing in the Wilson Quarterly.
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