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Czech hyperlocal experiment with coffee, community consulting said to be shuttered

PPF Media, a.s., a unit of the Czech Republic-based insurance and banking conglomerate, was pioneering a new form of "hyperlocal" journalism based on websites in small cities and large towns, supported by regional weeklies, and a national desk in Prague called Futuroom -- and coffee shops.  But is the idea being shuttered?

Take a brief online survey

PBS Engage has joined with the Knight Commission to conduct the first national survey about how people are getting their news in the digital age.  Go here to answer their five questions online.  The site also gives you the chance to ask Google's Marissa Mayer, a co-chair of the commission, questions about the project.

White paper released on public media's future

This week, the Future of Public Media Project released a white paper outlining how participatory, social networks should be the basis of public media going forward.  The project is funded by the Ford Foundation, and the paper was headed by Jessica Clark, director of the Future for Public Media Project, and Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media.  In an email to the Media Giraffe Project on Monday, Aufderheide

Berkman research completes exhaustive study on state of media ecosystem

A year in the making, a researcher at the Berkman Center for the Internet & Society has completed an exhaustive study on the future of American news and social media. Persephone Miel talked to hundreds of people, and criss-crossed the nation to prepare what may be the most comprehensive look to date on the impact of digital technologies on how we get our news and civic information.

Engagement in the 21st century -- The Four phase of editorial voice


Sustaining democracy, sustaining journalism: A discussion

AUDIO: Crowdsourcing in Orange County: the the audience steps in

Two stories about how the the audience can step in and move a story in dramatic new directions are told by Glenn Hall, innovation editor at the Orange County Register in Santa Ana, Calif. Click the headline to learn more and listen to a four-minute audio.

MIT gathering considers: Can participatory media seed participatory democracy?

At least 400 people gathered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to consider how the participatory media introduced by Internet technology will affect participatory democracy. For notes of sessions and links to blogger reports go to the Media Giraffe wiki ---- >

What if Community and Networking Sites Went to ''College''?

On, Mark Naples writes about finding new places on the internet opening up, in particular, the college community sites that "have gained serious traction toward becoming their own industry sub-segment, led by" Naples says that even though college students are already immersed in large groups with their peers and shouldn't necessarily need the internet to interact with each other, the're also internet savvy and will readily congregate online.

New media era dawns in U.S.

"Increase in talk shows, Web sites changes way Americans form opinions, make decisions." On (Detroit News), Lisa Zagaroli. Michael H. Hodges, and Jim Lynch write about the "balkanization of political opinion and news outlets," where new media is making infinitely more news sources available to the public. The public, though, seems to be favoring partisan and opinionated stories over straight news reporting. [ Visit Website ]
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