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"Free" papers influenced by advertisers, research by finds

Research by GradeTheNews.ORG finds that of the three major free tabloid-size daily newspapers that have arisen in the Bay Area in the last decade, two, the San Francisco Examiner and the Palo Alto Daily News, allow advertisers to determine some journalistic content and distribution. Advertisers or ad reps are writing news, and journalists are doing promotional stories that read like ads, GradetheNews' study finds. While both papers were acquired by established corporate interests in the last two years, that hasn't put an end to such practices, GradeTheNews says.

This wolf call is real

John McManus comments on the possible beginning of the end of print newspapers. With television, the internet, video games, and other media soaking up our attention, newspapers are losing readers, changing publishers, and struggling with advertisers and money. LISTEN: The original KQED broadcast here.
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