Have you sighted a "giraffe" in action?

Have you observed a giraffe lately?

Let us know!

Media giraffes can be found in local news and local blog websites, Internet infrastructure, archiving or collaboration and new technology, in the daily newspaper world, in broadcast and multimedia, academia, and among e-democracy, political blogging and policy-advocacy groups.

You can report your sighting, by reply post below, by email or by phone. Include some details and contact information or URL for you or the "giraffe." We'll acknowledge your sighting and review it for possible reporting on the Media Giraffe website. To recap:

  • Email mediagiraffe@journ.umass.edu and request anonymity. If you email, we will not identify you as the source of the referral unless you have specifically authorized us to do so. You can also forward your recommendation to members of the Media Giraffe Project advisory board for potential giraffe nomination.

  • Phone the Media Giraffe Project at UMass-Amherst. The number is 413-577-4370.