Record retailer and Liquid Audio merge in $118M deal

Signaling the end of another pure-play Internet music venture, Liquid Audio is merging into Alliance, the big Florida-based record retailer, in a stock deal valued at $118 million. Liquid had only recently begun to cut deals with the big five labels, but apparently it wasn't enough.

U.S. Justice Dept. extends Sherman Act to cyberspace ventures

A key question: When does cooperation become anti-consumer?

Security, privacy, copyright topics at Internet Society confab

Internet's academic founders worry its democratic roots are imperiled by government, corporate pressures

AOL experiments selling unprotected MP3 downloads for 99 cents

The Los Angeles Times reports that Internet powerhouse America Online has quietly begun selling downloadable songs, offering exclusive singles from corporate sibling Warner Music Group at a low price and without electronic locks. (SITE REGISTRATION REQUIRED)
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