Lawmaker: Is CD copy-protection illegal?

Record companies' efforts to protect CDs against digital copying are beginning to draw scrutiny from lawmakers concerned that the plans might violate the law. (John Borland/CNET News.COM)

SIGNUP: IRS Taxpayer ID number request

This IRS-supplied form, in PDF format, must be submitted by each MusicLink artist member by fax to 443-785-0588. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer now, you can download it from the Adobe website. If you already have Acrobat, you can download and print the IRS form by clicking here -->

Why U2's Bono was puzzled by $80 from Canadian website

Wired News profiled MusicLink predecessor FairTunes at a time when analysts thought democratic patronage would play second fiddle to other online music efforts. The field is a lot smaller now.

MusicLink predecessor FairTunes featured by MusicDish

The music online ezine MusicDish interviewed the founders of FairTunes in 2000 before its acquisition by MusicLink. Get a feel for how Matt Goyer and John Cormie got started.

NPR "deep linking" policy "clueless or evil"?

Wired News' Farhad Manjoo wraps up the controversy over National Public Radio's demand that anyone linking to the NPR website seek permission to do so.

Serve up more music content, newspaper editors told

Music is No. 1 "news" interest of 14-24 age group, study finds

Radio MSO Clear Channel eyes multiple legal challenges

The largest U.S. radio broadcaster is accused in multiple forums of using its clout to unfair advantage. (By Leticia Williams at CBS.MarketWatch.COM) Now a congressman is trying to curb it with legislation.

What is MusicLink? The new way to appreciate music

MusicLink is the leading community and marketplace for the sharing and financing of the music experience.

TESTIMONIALS: What they're saying about MusicLink

A sampling of how artists, the audience and thought leaders are reacting to MusicLink, the new way to appreciate music.

Recommended reading: The new business of music

Copyright, piracy, pricing and payment are among the many subjects touched by the launch of MusicLink.
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