Terra Lycos' Rhapsody promises access to 10,000 albums

The service won't let you burn CDs until the partner offering it, Listen.COM, reworks license agreements with labels. The basic cost is $4.95 a month for access to 20 FM_quality online "radio-station" streamcasts, writes Teri Robinson of E-Commerce Times.

European regulators eye privacy of Microsoft "Passport"

European Union regulators are set to decide July 1 whether they will launch a formal investigation of Microsoft's .NET Passport system on grounds it breaks EU rules on data privacy, Reuters' Lisa Jucca reported June 11 from Brussels

Internet firms fish for revenue from content sales

USA Today's Jon Swartz analyzes the drive by publishres and entertainment companies to build subscription revenue by charging for Internet content. So far, Swartz writes, it isn't really working.

Study: Music appreciation driving new-PC adoption in the home

Music will emerge as the "surprise killer application" to drive more PC purchases and broadband connections to the home, according to a Jupiter Media Metrix study.

Report claims Kazaa insecure, but users oblivious

HP Labs research finds the file-swapping service Kazaa is rife with security holes and can share all of a user's hard-drive files without the user knowing it, reports Elizabeth Millard of NewsFactor Network.

Internet governance body dealing for survival?

ICANN, the Internet's IP number assigning authority, appearently fighting for its surval, may propose to drop consumer representation from its board and add politicians instead.

Clickshare calls for shared-authentication infrastructure

Company applauds Liberty Alliance, says key to one-ID, one-password adoption on the Internet is for there to be no centralized database of user names.

Consumer suit challenges legality of CD encryption

The five labels term "frivolous" a lawsuit filed under California consumer-protection statues claiming that encrypted CDs are "defective."

Prices on portable MP3 devices all over the lot

Prices of portable MP3 players like the iPod or Rio are down as much as 50% over the last year, a survey USA Today finds.

Feingold on concentration in music, radio, promotion industries

A U.S. senator from Wisconsin provides details of radio-station ownership concentrate which reaches over 80 percent of selected markets, he says, including New York, Chicago and Wisconsin. What does this mean for artists?
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