RealNetworks posting loss, but consumer side strong

Despite posting loss, RealNetworks says growth among consumers remained strong, and that it had 700,000 subscribers paying for premium services, up from 600,000 in April. (Reuters via Boston.COM)

Writer has 15 song lyrics to share

EXCHANGE: What is MusicLink exchange?

MusicLink exchange is a free service for musicians, singers and composers who have want to exchange opportuntities or ideas with the MusicLink community.

Competitors worried about MSFT "Palladium" chip security bid

MICROSOFT'S PALLADIUM SECURITY system has sparked concern among some of the company's competitors in the operating system market, as well as with consumer and digital-rights advocates, but lawyers and security companies are less troubled, writes InfoWorld's Sam Costello.

72 bands offer music for free if you take PDF download

Here's a new wrinkle in marketing music. "72 Free Music Downloads," described in a news release as a "directory of six dozen independent music artists who are willingly giving away their digital songs," is open. The catch -- you have to download a PDF-file format with the links to the music.

Was web stream royalty rate designed to squelch competition?

In a news release, a Chicago-based publication touts a story it has quoting Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, founder of a company sold to Yahoo, as saying the seven-hundreds-of-a-cent royalty rate on web-stream music ordered by the government originated from a contract he wrote with the intention of squelching small-time online radio stations.

EU to survey citizens on data privacy with website form

The Euopean Union is going to put up a survey form on its website which will ask consumers for their opinions on how the economic community should regulate data privacy -- if at all, Reuters reports. The EU things few citizens are aware that companies operating in the EU countries can't exchange personal information without consumer consent.

'Lord of Rings' sequel previewed over web -- why?

A video preview and trailer to New Line Cinema's upcoming "The Lord of The Rings" sequel has spilled onto the Web, CNET News.COM reports. Was it a leak or deliberate promotion? AOL Time Warner isn't saying.

Yahoo ends streaming consumer radio stations

Five years after its $5 billion acquisition of Broadcast.COM, Yahoo! is quitting the core business it acquired -- streaming hundreds of radio-station programs to an online consumer audience. The move is a clear indication that copyright and other issues have left broadcast-on-the-net in turmoil.

Microsoft move to "TrustBridge" seen as appropriate

The move by Microsoft to back away from storing consumer information on a central, Microsoft server is seen by E-Commerce Times writer Teri Robinson -- and the analysts she quotes -- and a good move for Redmond.
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