802.11 technology on laptop may simplify P2P file sharing

So-called 802.11 "Wi-Fi" wireless local-area networks currently require special cards and transmitters. E-Commerce Times' Lou Hirsch writes that Microsoft and Intel are separately working on secret initiatives to bring that technology inside the desktop -- making peer-to-peer file sharing much easier for consumers to implement.

Is AOL working on innovation in streaming to sack Real?

AOL is reported by CNET News and by AOL-owned Fortune Magazine to be working on technology which could cut the cost of producing Internet streaming audio and undermine Real Networks. "Ultravox" is said to be "supercharged network routers capable of moving large media files far more efficiently" than at present.

WEBLOG: What's happening at MusicLink

Check the latest news from inside MusicLink.

OPINION: Why small webcasters will suffer from new royalty rates

Famed music critic David Marsh provides his insight into why last week's decision by the Library of Congress to set per-song webcasting royalty rates at seventy cents per one-thousand plays will destroy micro-webcasting.

As expected, ICANN trashes direct-election of board members

As expected ICANN, the Internet's 19-member domain-name assigning authority, trashed a pioneering effort at self-governance, dropping direct online election of consumers to its 19-member board. Instead, all directors will now filter up from technical, business, government and non-profit organizations, according to a Reuters news account of Thursday's decision. To read what critics are saying, visit this weblog.

Ten tips for musicians trying to "make it"

Ben Ohmart, the assistant editor of the Music Dish website, was in Los Angeles at the "Perfect Pitch -- The Business of Music" website. Read his talk to attendees -- his 10 tips to making it as a musician.

Lawmaker: Let studios hack P2P networks; are they already?

U.S. Rep. Howard Berman, a California Democrat whose district includes Hollywood, says he'll introduce a bill to shield copyright owners from legal liability if they hack P2P and filing-sharing services -- short of spreading viruses. But wait -- they may be doing so already, according to an account in the San Jose Mercury News.

LINKS: Music Industry News Network copyright links

The Music Industry News Network provides updated links to source material on emerging trends and news in copyright law and the online world.

Publishers sue Gator over web pop-up tactics

Increasingly intrusive online advertising is at issue in a lawsuit filed by major newspaper publishers against Gator, which offers consumers free software and, in exchange, displays ads on the screens of their computers -- on top of the websites they are viewing. (Leslie Walker / The Washington Post)

Online gambling hobbled by credit-card ban

The decision by several credit-card issuers, most recently CitiCard, to ban consumers from paying gambling tabs with plastic will half that industries growth to revenues of about $4.2 billion next year, a Wall Street analyst told Reuters.
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