JTM-MN: John Nichols on the survival of journalism: Be virtual, be real, be influential


Johnnichols John Nichols rode his bicycle down to the weekly newspaper when he was age 11 in his hometown of Union Grove, Wis. (pop. 970) and presented himself to the editor as ready for duty as a journalist. "I never wanted to be anything but a newspaperman." But earlier this year, The Columbia University School of Journalism graduate presided as the No. 2 editor as The Capital Times of Madison, Wis., a paper he's served for decades, ceased daily print publication and went all-web plus twice weekly.

In a 25-minute talk to the New Pampleteers/New Reporters convening in Minneapolis, Minn., on June 5, 2008, Nichols offers advice about the survival of journalism without print -- be virtual, but be real and be influential. 

To listen, to an audio stream, click on the carat to the right of the bar below. Or download an MP3 audio podcast for offline listening.

JTM-MN: Libel, law and insurance

Jonathan Hart is counsel to the Online News Association and an expert on emerging aspects of Internet law, including libel. In a Skype teleconference, he meets with participants in New Pamphleteers/New Reporters on June 5, 2008, in Minneapolis. Among those joining the session are Jane Kirtley, attorney, professor and First Amendment scholar at the Univ. of Minnesota, and Robert Cox, of the Media Bloggers Association. Cox discusses his group's intention to sponsor the first libel policy for bloggers. To listen to a stream of the session, click on the carat on the left of the bar below. Or download an MP3 podcast for offline listening.

Baristanet.com's founder Debra Galant and Liz George


Gallantgeorgestreet_7 In late 2004, a former New York Times free-lance columnist, Deb

Briggs' downloadable book is survival guide to multimedia journalism

Journalism 2.0: How to Survive and Thrive -- A Digital Literacy Guide for the The Information Age, is a falling-off-a-log-easy-to-read guide to how to be a Web 2.0 reporter. And it's available as a free PDF download. (READ MORE) ---->

9Neighbors founder Rick Burnes interviewed by MGP


In December, 2007, 9Neighbors founder Rick Burnes was interviewed by Media Giraffe Project assistant editor Sara Majka. Listen to the audio by clicking on the carat on the left of the bar below, or dowload the MP3 audio (24 minutes; 11MB)

Purchase DVDs from MGP and JTM events

DVD: "The New Pamphleteers" available for $9.50

Are you considering starting up a web-based, local online news resource for your community?

Institution vs. infrastructure: The question of ProPublica and reaching to the local level, too

Outgoing Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Paul Steiger's ProPublica project will put $10M in philanthropy to work on civic/watchdog jouranalism for the nation. But what about funding journalism at a more granular level? Josh Wilson, founder of NewsDesk.org, examines the question.

McGill offers seven points of advice about citizen journalism

An early expert at training citizen journalists has authored "What I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists," an essay listing seven lessons learned. Doug McGill is a former New York Times reporter, foreign correspondent, university lecturer and Internet innovator. He also briefly headed the World Press Institute.

ETHICS: Cleveland editor draws line at blogger contributing to congressman's opponent

One of four free-lance bloggers paid by the Cleveland Plain Dealer to provide political commentary was fired after the paper's editor learned the blogger was a $100 contributor to an opponent of a congressman the blogger routinely criticized.

Daily Kos founder critical of media in appearance at law-school alma mater

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas returned to his law-school alma mater on Oct. 17, 2007, to give a keynote address at a day-long seminar on new-media law and blogging. He was unabashedly political and gracefully critical of mainstream media.
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