An Election Protection Wiki

In time for the election, this report from MGP/JTM alumni news about Giraffe prospect John Stauber:

John Stauber's Center for Media and Democracy said today it had launched a new wiki web site as a "non-partisan, non-profit collaboration of citizens, activists and researchers to build a one-stop-shop for reports of voter suppression and the systemic threats to election integrity."

AUDIO: Laid-off Kenosha, Wis., reporter seeks advice on starting non-profit online news community

 Denise Lockwood is like thousands of U.S. daily newspaper reporters -- she fell victim to staff reductions. But she's not giving up reporting -- she's pursuing her passion online.

Craig Newmark on Journalism, Media and Craigslist

The MGP has edited and added a new video to our archives. Here, Craig Newmark, founder of, talks about journalism, the economics of media, and Craigslist in August of 2005. Visit Newmark's giraffe profile for a link to a longer video, and also recent links that talk about Newmark's view of his role in the media, and the 2008 Ebay lawsuit.Newmark is interviewed by the Media Giraffe Project's Bill Densmore.

Nine days left for the Knight News Challenge

The deadline for the Knight News Challenge is November 1.  It's been rewarding to see participants of the MGP/Journalism that Matters conference receive grants, including 2008 winners David Cohn and Brein McNamara.  Cohn was awarded $340,000 for, a project to micro fund investigative reporting.  McNamara was awarded $15,000 for signcasts, a blog for the deaf community.

A year as a Reynolds Fellow

Over the next year, MGP Director Bill Densmore will be living and working in Missouri, where he's serving in the first class of Reynolds Fellows at the University of Missouri.  He'll be writing to this site from there, a sort of dispatches from Missouri.

The Missouri School of Journalism is the oldest and largest in the country, and the new Reynolds Journalism Institute (with highlights of the new building pictured above) aims to put the J-school on the forefront of research on the future of journalism.  While there, each of the six fellows will be expected to carry out an innovative project to this end. You can watch a short video introducing Bill's project, the Information Valet, here

Internship opportunity for UMass undergraduates

Internship Opportunity Help profile "giraffe prospects" fostering participatory democracy and community; meeting Mon., Sept. 8, 2008, 7:30 p.m., Campus Center Lower Level (Room TBD)

Poynter seminar tackles question: "What is news literacy?

About 50 journalists, journalism educators and researchers gatherered with high-school students at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the start of a drive to get American newspapers interested in promoting "news literacy."

Media Giraffe Project events -- upcoming and archives

The Media Giraffe Project, alone and in collaboration with others, helps convene seminars, conferences, workshops and other events. Among purposes of these events:

  • Spotlight media innovation which fosters participatory democracy and community.
  • Support inquiry and action toward sustaining journalism
  • Study and advance news literacy among the public, students and citizen journalists.
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