Danish court decision arouses fears of ban on "deep linking"

A Danish court has upheld a ban on so-called "deep linking" by one website to another -- such as in this summary item.
Read CNET News.COM's account.

The impact of the decision is unclear, but the legal issue of deep linking is raising concerns among U.S. First Amendment watchers, CNET News reports.

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And you can read web usability expert Jakob Nielsen's advice about deep linking. In an April 7, 2000 commentary at the New York Times Online, analyst Carl S. Kaplan said the legality of deep linking is deeply ambiguous.

Brad Templeton, a founder of the ClariNet news service and director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, has created his own page on the subject, on which he says, "I, and many other people initially had the intuitive feeling that it could never be a violation of copyright to make a link to a web page. Later, I've come to think that this might be wrong in some cases, though only those where you've been ordered not to."

Templeton also refers people to another useful page on the controversy.

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