Allow Me to Introduce Myself

As I embark on my senior year at the University of Massachusetts, it seems only right to become a bit reflective. As a 17-year-old freshman, I arrived on campus with great ambitions. My major was undeclared but my desire to make my college experience worthwhile was strong. My two loving parents uttered words that most in their position would empathize with, urging me to stay grounded and pursue a field in which a solid and safe future is something I could bank on.

I swear choosing journalism as my career path wasn't out of rebellion.

In my past three years at UMass, I have been blessed with the opportunity to pick the brains of many published and accomplished writers within the field of journalism and have been able to bank on their vast knowledge.

However, I've come to discover that the future isn't so clear. It's condition is fluid, more in a liquid than in a solid state. It has no ceiling, no boundaries as to how far it will evolve which ironically allows me to leave school and enter the world with a similar mentality I entered with.

This summer, I joined the Media Giraffe Project in an attempt to help in their efforts to shed light on those using media to create a better tomorrow for others. The entrepreneurs/innovators I've come across had goals that were far-reaching, and to see some of them come to fruition is inspiring. I'm not quite sure how, but I hope that one day I will be able to follow these Giraffe's in helping create new platforms for people to communicate.