Save the Date: "Rebooting Rockwell's America" conference

A new conference has been announced:

Multimedia web and mobile platforms are advancing new approaches to news, journalism and social engagement at a near-incomprehensible pace. But how does all this innovation link to and affect civic engagement in tangible, face-to-face venues -- like schools, libraries, coffee shops, museums and public spaces?

Help us find out. The Norman Rockwell Museum, the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism, and other co-covenors invite you to:

"Rebooting Rockwell's America:
News, Art and Community in a Digital World."

Friday, Sept. 11 - Sunday Sept. 13, 2009
at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Mass.

If you are a Journalism That Matters alum . . . a follower of the Media Giraffe Project . . . a news or teaching practioner . . . a technologist . . . or public-policy researcher, please consider taking a long weekend to The Berkshires of Massachusetts Sept. 11-13, 2009.

Participation limited -- register today!

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The America of Norman Rockwell's mid-20th-century illustrations was rich with simple truths and sometimes hard choices. In that world, we respected authority, and the flag. We were asked to embrace justice, equality and tolerance. The "Country Editor" personified the Four Freedoms at the grassroots.

On Sept. 11, 2001, it was as if the last vestiges of Rockwell's stoic, insular, yet generous nation had been torn asunder, and a new, darker period of fear engaged. A buy-now-pay-later ethic has brought some of our most valued journalism institutions to the brink. Now even the Missouri country editor works with bits and bytes alongside type and ink. Yet innovation abounds on the Internet, and we find new ways to connect and circulate. If Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Twitter have taught us anything, it's that we may hunger for the constancy of community more than ever.

Can we reboot Rockwell's America in a digital age? Do we want to? What might be the role of art, and culture? Join us Sept. 11-13 to consider the options -- and tools.

"Rebooting Rockwell's America," will pause for three days to consider the roots of American community, freedom, democracy -- and the journalism which protects each. We'll consider how a generation of virtual pamphleteers -- in cafes, schools, clubs and meeting rooms -- might help point us to common ground via physical places. And now there is the promise that these places will be digitally united across a world that grows smaller, faster, more diverse and more precious by the year.

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