New textbook on media literacy

Giraffe Prospect John McManus has recently put out a textbook in DVD-format that's meant to help teach students how to view the news and find trustworthy information.  The book is titled Detecting Bull:  How to Identify Bias and Junk Journalism in Print, Broadcast and on the Wild Web.  It takes the lessons learned from his years leading, a website that rated the news in San Francisco. 

In the release, he writes:

It's a multi-media book on a DVD replete with video and audio clips providing examples designed to help student-citizens separate the reliable from the rest in what NPR's Brooke Gladstone calls the era of "buyer beware" journalism. Almost every reference is linked so students can pursue each topic in depth. There are downloadable tools for assessing bias in news articles on any medium and for images as well. There is a set of universal standards for holding journalism accountable. Each chapter has exercises to get students involved in noticing bias -- in themselves and in the media.