St. Louis Beacon and both find a home in local television stations

This article talks about the St. Louis Beacon (started by reporters laid off by the Post-Dispatch) and the newly minted, a recently founded (though not yet live) local online site started by employees of Seattle's now defunct Post-Intelligencer. What they have in common--besides the move from traditional news to local, online news--is that both staffs have their offices in their local television station. It's a mutually beneficial situation, and the article listed public service organizations such as CPB, PBS and NPR that are increasingly interested in collaboration across mediums.

The funding model, though, is not yet there, as made clear by the article's description of the Seattle group:

"The journalists began moving into the station last week, unsure of their future roles at the station and how or when they'll be paid, but still hungry to work in journalism."

MGP's Bill Densmore visited the St. Loius Beacon at the KETC station, and was quoted in the article about this new form of collaboration, saying the goal was not to monopolize local coverage, but to enrich it.