Creating a film that keeps up with the news

Media Giraffe Prospect Robert Greenwald was in the news over the weekend for his latest film, "Rethink Afghanistan."  This New York Times article, "Released on Web, a Film Stays Fresh," talks about Greenwald's efforts to make his documentaries as real time as possible. With "Rethink Afghanistan," he is shrinking the gap between creation and the audience even further, posting the film (on and YouTube) while working on later parts. It's an ongoing cycle of funding, creating, and release, a process he finds necessary because of the time pressures of the news:

"His current subject, Afghanistan, is especially time sensitive. President Obama has already ordered 17,000 more troops to the country and is on the verge of outlining a new strategy. Given that backdrop, "it didn't seem to make sense to make a film that would come out even six months from now," Mr. Greenwald said."