White paper released on public media's future

This week, the Future of Public Media Project released a white paper outlining how participatory, social networks should be the basis of public media going forward.  The project is funded by the Ford Foundation, and the paper was headed by Jessica Clark, director of the Future for Public Media Project, and Patricia Aufderheide, director of the Center for Social Media.  In an email to the Media Giraffe Project on Monday, Aufderheide described the key points of the paper:

"Jessica Clark, the leader of that project, and I argue something that I think is relevant to all mass media--that networked participatory structures will be at the heart of media for public knowledge and action going forward.  Further, we say that public broadcasters who survive will be one of two things:  generators/managers of deep pools of knowledge, or managers of lively, engaged civic networks (from hyperlocal to global)."