JTM:MN - Julia Opoti - Passion of Place


Julia Opoti, publisher of KenyaImagine.com, is a Kenyan with an interest in social change. This interest inspired her to create an online community which encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyans.

When the traditional media was blocked by the government during the 2008 violence in Kenya, her site acted as a place for the Kenyan community, both in and out of Kenya, to stay updated on the situation and in touch with one another.

This video is a clip from the Journalism That Matters: The Passion of Place conversation that took place at Minnesota Public Radio. Twelve citizen-journalists -- "placebloggers" -- gathered on Friday, June 6, 2008, to discuss what motivates people to launch a local online news community and what are their challenges, their successes, the opportunities, vision and passion which accompany this work?

View the full 45 min version of the conversation here: http://www.archive.org/details/JournalismThatMattersMPR

For more info on Journalism That Matters, visit: JournalismThatMatters.org