Media literacy hits the real world -- Boston English


Touletcoterozasziokowerhobbs What happens when a video teacher and administrator at Boston English High School start to infuse media-literacy principles in the school day? Listen to this unedited audio of a session at today's "2007 Media Literacy Conference at MIT: Creating and Learning in a Media Saturated Culture." The panel, lead by Renee Hobbs, of Temple  University, included (in first order of speaking): Rona Zickower, of Media Power Youth, Manchester, N.H.; Xavier Rozas, media teacher, Boston English High School; and Chris Toulet-Cote, assistant headmaster of English High.  Click on the caret below to launch stream, or DOWNLOAD MP3 PODCAST. (Click to enlarge photo, from left, Toulet-Cote, Rozas, Zickower, Hobbs)