The demand dilemma and news literacy in schools

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Jim Klurfeld and Howard Schneider wrote sports stories together at the Syracuse University Daily Orange as undergraduates. They started a weekly paper on Cape Cod. And they rose close to the top of the mainstream media world as editorial-page editor, and executive editor, respectively, of Newsday, the big Long Island daily. Now they have teamed up together at the Stony Brook University to start their next career -- tending to the "demand side" of journalism. The duo, working with grants from both the Ford and Knight foundations, are developing a news-literacy curriculum for the nation's schools and colleges. (DOWNLOAD CURRICULUM POWERPOINT -- 11MB) Learn why in this audio interview with Bill Densmore of the Media Giraffe Project. Duration: 22 minutes, 56 seconds.  View Stonybrook "news literacy" Powerpoint (15 MB download).  Listen to Jim Klurfield describe the curriculum.