JTM-MN: What will sustain civic journalism -- a roundtable


A key challenge facing local online news entrepreneurs is basic -- survival. Beyond advertising, very few have found a way to be paid well enough to envision long-term operation. Join this session at "New Pamphleteers/New Reporters," in which a group of entrepreneurs post the question: "Will citizen communities support high quality journalism? Ideas, models wanted." Among participants: Leonard Witt of the Representative Journalism project in Northfield, Minn., Marjorie Freivogel, founder of the St. Louis Beacon; and Jim Shaffer, former newspaper executive and business-school dean. One idea: Sell interests in a non-profit entity -- perhaps a co-operative that would be viewed as a sort of "civic infrastructure." Shaffer discusses his effort to raise funds to acquire the Portland, Maine, daily.  A discussion ensues about how much money is needed, with Tracy Record of the West Seattle Blog, offering thoughts. Also participating: Mark Fuerst of Public Media Management, and Jeremy Iggers, of the Twin Cities Media Alliance.

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