JTM-MN: John Nichols on the survival of journalism: Be virtual, be real, be influential


Johnnichols John Nichols rode his bicycle down to the weekly newspaper when he was age 11 in his hometown of Union Grove, Wis. (pop. 970) and presented himself to the editor as ready for duty as a journalist. "I never wanted to be anything but a newspaperman." But earlier this year, The Columbia University School of Journalism graduate presided as the No. 2 editor as The Capital Times of Madison, Wis., a paper he's served for decades, ceased daily print publication and went all-web plus twice weekly.

In a 25-minute talk to the New Pampleteers/New Reporters convening in Minneapolis, Minn., on June 5, 2008, Nichols offers advice about the survival of journalism without print -- be virtual, but be real and be influential. 

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