MGP-2006: Morphing From Music: iPods Enter The Classroom


Part of the Media Giraffe Project's 2006 Conference in Amherst, MA

"The how's and why's of sending downloadable audio files over the Internet -- how is this being adopted by educators? How can an Internet news operation serve the need for classroom-ready podcasting material?"

Listen to audio here:

"Students and teachers as independent media producers now have the opportunity to level the playing field with mainstream media in distributing and exhibiting their work via podcasting to a larger audience. At Bentley College, students in information technology courses create audio and video podcasts to engage with a new technology and use it as a learning tool. In video production and mass communications courses, students focus on producing media to analyze the media. At Harvard Law School, teachers use podcasting to transform the classroom into a global conversation.

The presenters will share podcasting examples from students and teachers at both schools and discuss how new media tools and distribution models are creating powerful new spaces for debate, change, and learning."