Purchase DVDs from MGP and JTM events

DVD: "The New Pamphleteers" available for $9.50

Are you considering starting up a web-based, local online news resource for your community? Are you teaching students who wouldlike to understand the motivations, operations and challenges faced by citizen journalists. Order this 78-minute DVD which features interviews and comments by more than participants and experts. LEARN MORE ABOUT DVD OR PURCHASE NOW VIA CREDIT CARD.

DVD: "The State of Citizen Journalism" available for $12.95

A thought-provoking, town meeting-style discussion of "The State of Citizen Journalism," featuring seven experts, is available in a 90-minute video shot June 7, 2007, at "Journalism That Matters: The DC Sessions," in Washington, D.C. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR PURCHASE IMMEDIATELY VIA CREDIT CARD.