API details results of year-long study on how newspapers must innovate and collaborate around solving user needs

The Newspaper Next initiative directed by Stephen Gray has released its first report on the 12-month effort and there's a story about it in USA Today and a news release on the American Press Institute website.  The report also includes the results of the Newspaper Next Collaboration Survey, of whether the largest companies and newspapers should join forces to pursue Internet opportunities.

Gray previewed the research work in a presentation at MGP2006. Entitled, "Newspaper Next: A Blueprint for Transformation," the report is designed to meet the challenge which the American Press Institute-retained researchers set: "The challenge for the N� team was to find ways to help newspaper companies migrate from a fixed and monolithic business model to a diverse and growing portfolio of business models, products and services to engage new consumers and advertisers," says an account of the report on the NewspaperNext website.


There's a phone-in teleconference scheduled for Friday, Sept. 29, at 11 a.m. EDT with Gray and Scott Anthony, of Innosight LLC, the consulting firm which developed the study.  CAll 877-531-2988 and requst "API & Innosight teleconference."

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