Study media innovation / launch New England news council

Study innovation in mainstream media;
help launch the New England News Council

Are you trying to figure out where you're going to fit in the media landscape of the future? Want to help start a high-profile new institution serving New England news organizations and the public?

The Media Giraffe Project seeks UMass journalism, communication, political science, public-policy majors or Commonwealth College scholars who may receive up to three academic credits for a fall-semester project.  The project will involve web-based research, reporting, writing, video and audio editing in collaboration with an experienced editor, videographer and webmaster -- and a chance to talk to -- and meet -- innovative leaders in new and traditional media.

The Media Giraffe Project is a three-year initiative of the journalism program to spotlight individuals �sticking their necks out� by making innovative, sustainable use of media (new and old) to foster participatory democracy and community. We�re looking at cutting-edge efforts on the web and tradition media. 

 More than 300 people attended our June 28-July 1 conference: �Democracy & Independence: Sharing News & Information in a Connected World."  

This fall, we are working with a Knight Foundation grant to form the New England News Council. 
  An intern may be asked to help identify and contact our "100 Founding Friends" of the council.

The director/editor of the Media Giraffe Project is Bill Densmore (UMass, '75, BDIC).
The principal investigator  is Prof. Norman Sims of the journalism program.

The work will involve a weekly Amherst-campus meeting with Densmore and other MGP collaborators at the journalism program office. Research can be done anywhere the intern has appropriate access to the Internet, a printer, and a phone. Work can proceed around a one-, two- or three-credit regime, subject to approval of the student�s academic advisor and under the direction of Prof. Sims and Densmore.

An especially able, policy-oriented, persistent and reliable intern may be invited to conduct one or more on-site interviews with selected "giraffes" around the United States. The intern may have a high-profile role writing for the MGP�s website, which will be viewed and used by journalists nationwide. To apply contact:

Bill Densmore, Director/Editor
Media Giraffe Project
 Journalism Program Office
108 Bartlett Hall
Univ. of Massachusetts-Amherst
Amherst MA 01003
(413) 577-4370  (cell: 413-458-8001)