What is "citizen journalism"? -- A 2006 CCTV documentary probes question

What is "citizen journalism?" A 12-minute documentary seeks answers

What is "citizen journalism?" A 12-minute web video, produced by volunteers at Cambridge Community Television, offers some possible answers through a series of interviews with practitioners and observers -- including several participants in MGP2006.  The volunteer team led by Amy Mertl spent more than a day June 30 at the Amherst summit doing interviews.  Among those featured in the video are Chris Daly, a Boston University journalism professor.  Aside from attempting to define the term, the video raises a key issue -- who really is able to benefit from web-based journalism if it isn't accessible to people of limited financial means and little . "It is a privileged position to be able to rfelfec ton what is happening around you," observes Susan Fleischmann, director of CCTV in the video. "Most people are just having to live it."  Among others interviewed include Anne Donohue, journalism professor at Boston University, Ethan Zuckerman of the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School and GlobalVoicesOnline, Lisa Williams of H20Town, and Steve Garfield, videoblogger and co-manager of the MGP2006 multimedia technology track.