What they're saying about the Media Giraffe Project

Here's a selection of what experienced observers in and outside mainstream media are saying about the Media Giraffe Project:

Peter Bhatia, former president, American Society of Newspaper Editors (2003-2004) and executive editor, The [Portland] Oregonian:

"Your project is fascinating and I would really encourage you to push ahead with it because the basic tenor of it is a discussion that can be very helpful on a couple of different levels. First in identifying people who are out there doing that which may ultimately warrant attention just in terms of improving the conversation. [Second], anything that can help the mainstream media refocus on the important role that we play in sustaining and holding accountable the system can also be quite beneficial as well."

"I don't think anybody could make a strong logical case that the press, at least the mainstream press, is doing a good enough job reminding the public and acting as the public's agent in terms of defending or advocating for or just covering the state of democracy, the health of the first amendment -- in terms of how we conduct ourselves journalistically and what we put in the newspaper. I don't think it it is where it needs to be. Certainly that has to do [in part] with corporate pressure and profits having to be higher. It is what it is. The question is not where we have been but where we are going."

READ: Peter Bhatia's ASNE speech on media reform.


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