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Purchase DVDs from MGP and JTM events

DVD: "The New Pamphleteers" available for $9.50

Are you considering starting up a web-based, local online news resource for your community?

Institution vs. infrastructure: The question of ProPublica and reaching to the local level, too

Outgoing Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Paul Steiger's ProPublica project will put $10M in philanthropy to work on civic/watchdog jouranalism for the nation. But what about funding journalism at a more granular level? Josh Wilson, founder of, examines the question.

McGill offers seven points of advice about citizen journalism

An early expert at training citizen journalists has authored "What I've Learned Teaching Citizen Journalists," an essay listing seven lessons learned. Doug McGill is a former New York Times reporter, foreign correspondent, university lecturer and Internet innovator. He also briefly headed the World Press Institute.

ETHICS: Cleveland editor draws line at blogger contributing to congressman's opponent

One of four free-lance bloggers paid by the Cleveland Plain Dealer to provide political commentary was fired after the paper's editor learned the blogger was a $100 contributor to an opponent of a congressman the blogger routinely criticized.

Daily Kos founder critical of media in appearance at law-school alma mater

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas returned to his law-school alma mater on Oct. 17, 2007, to give a keynote address at a day-long seminar on new-media law and blogging. He was unabashedly political and gracefully critical of mainstream media.

AUDIO: Media literacy hits the real world -- lessons from Boston English

What happens when a video teacher and administrator at Boston English High School start to infuse media-literacy principles in the school day? Listen to this unedited audio of a session at today's "2007 Media Literacy Conference at MIT: Creating and Learning in a Media Saturated Culture."

Oreskes urges journalists not to commit professional suicide out of fear of dying

Journalists are in danger of committing professional suicide if they abandon core values in an effort to keep from dying, the executive editor of the International Herald Tribune has told a Toronto convention.

AUDIO: Knight offer talk by "News Challenge" winners; 3,000 applications received

More than 20 winners of a total of $5 million in first-year grants from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation told their stories briefly as the Online News Association annual meeting got underway on Wednesday (Oct. 17) in Toronto. Some 3,000 applications for the next round of grants were received this week. READ MORE with audio / READ STORY

Networked Journalism Summit underway in NYC -- about 200 attendees

The "Networked Journalism Summit," is underway in New York City today in the TimesCenter auditorium. The grant funded event, with about 200 attendees, is a a near-kickoff event for the City University of New York (CUNY). We are blogging it. GO TO BLOG

Despite federal law, most students unaware today is "Constitution Day"; resources

Today is Constitution Day. Three years ago a new federal law took effect requiring schools to educate all students about the Constitution and the First Amendment. But a new survey out today by Univ. of Connecticut researchers -- and funded by the Knight Foundation -- shows that a majority of America's students aren't even aware that Constitution Day exists.

Seattle-based TV-station operator acquires hyperlocal pioneer Pegasus News of Dallas

Seattle-based Fisher Communications, a TV operator, acquired hyperlocal news internet pioneer Pegasus News, started by Michael Orren in Dallas. (PROFILE)

Valets and and media-literary training noted in Tufts graduate thesis as key components of journalism future

A Tufts University media-studies student proposes a new model of "pro-am" collaboration in graduation thesis completed in May. An international student from Singapore, Rachelle Goh enters Northwestern in the fall. In her paper, she says "information valets" and increased media literacy are important components of the new model.


A new idea for newspaper ownership -- tap the reader co-op

Boston University journalism professor Chris Daly, an MGP2006 alum, has done some number crunching and is proposing that the nation's premier newspapers -- under seige from some investors -- essentially reform themselves as cooperatives -- with investment from member/readers. Daly's idea -- the newspaper as co-op -- is one form of ownership that has not been tried, but is increasingly posed as something worth trying. Read his post by clicking on the headline.

UC-Berkeley fills in where media leaves off -- providing three $45K fellowships for investigative reporting

Three fellowships worth $45,000 a year will be awarded annually by the University of California Berkeley journalism school to encourage investigative reporting at a time when main-stream media is cutting back on newsrooms, according to the school.

WINNERS: Media Giraffe participants/prospects fare well in Knight News Challenge grants

Twelve Media Giraffe "prospects" or participants in MGP events were among 34 winners announced today in the "Knight Brothers 21st Century News Challenge," a multi-year effort by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to foster news innovation which improves geographic communities. (CLICK HEADLINE FOR DETAILS)