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[edit] Sustaining democracy / sustaining journalism: A discussion

Consider this premise: To sustain democracy and journalism, the Internet needs a user-focused system for sharing identity, exchanging and settling value (including payments) for information (text, video, music, game plays, other entertainment, advertising views etc.) One challenge might be to create a system that can be ubiquitous yet never be owned or controlled by either the government or a dominant private, for-profit entity. It should to be massively distributed and -- in some fashion . might ideally be collaboratively owned.

To consider this need, eleven individuals representing technology, entrepreneurship, academic, social theory and publishing convened on short notice for a half-day discussion on Tues., June 19,2007 at the Comparative Media Studies offices at MIT in Cambridge, Mass. The meeting was called by Bill Densmore, hosted by MIT Prof. Henry Jenkins, and co-convened by Geneva Overholser and Tom Stites. This wiki page is a report on the discussion and apparent consensus at the meeting, as heard by Bill Densmore. The names of those attending, and expressing interest, appear at the end of the report. Fellow participants are invited to edit this wiki page.