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Brian Keeler
Executive Director
ePluribus Media Inc.
Columbia, MO
2101 West Broadway
Columbia, MO 65203
Work: 917-647-2279

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non-profit citizen volunteer local news organization

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ePluribus Media, Inc., is a new kind of media organization powered by the community it serves: a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern, exposing government propaganda and corruption, and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism.

Our goal is to restore the dignity and integrity of the free press, the lifeblood of democracy in America. To that end, the writers, researchers, reporters, correspondents, contributors and editors of ePluribus Media accept, endorse, affirm and embrace the highest ethical standards expressed in the Statement of Shared Purpose and the Citizens' Bill of Journalism Rights established by the Committee of Concerned Journalists.

We are also developing web tools to facilitate community-building and engender transparent community-based journalism. Soon, we will launch the first of our web tools to support community journalism.

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