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name city state firm type
Lessig, Lawrence Stanford CA Creative Commons -- Larry Lessig senior
Sifry, David L. San Francisco CA Technorati Inc. technical
Rosen, Zack San Francisco CA CivicSpace Labs / Chapter Three LLC technical
Newmark, Craig San Francisco CA Craigslist technical, sustain
Rafer, Scott San Francisco CA -- RSS search service technical
Kahle, Brewster San Francisco CA Internet Archive Project technical
Trott, Mena & Ben San Francisco CA Six Apart Ltd. / Moveable Type technical, sustain
Pincus, Mark San Francisco CA Tribe Networks social, technical
Haughey, Matthew San Francisco CA (see Creative Commons) technical, social
Wales, Jimmy San Francisco CA WikiMedia Foundation Inc. technical, sustain
Florin, Fabrice Mill Valley CA Newstrust technology, trust
Horne, Ellison San Francisco CA Celebrating Solutions video
Neuman / Al Gore, David San Francisco CA Current.TV / INdTV Holdings video
Inaba, Ian Berkeley CA Guerilla News Network video
Greenwald, Robert Culver City CA Robert Greenwald Productions Inc. / Brave New Films film