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name city state firm type
Rosen, Zack San Francisco CA CivicSpace Labs / Chapter Three LLC technical
Lee, Karen (Jo) Providence RI technical
Schachter, Joshua New York NY link-sharing website technical
Rafer, Scott San Francisco CA -- RSS search service technical
Kahle, Brewster San Francisco CA Internet Archive Project technical
Weskamp, Marcos Italy Marumushi News Map v2.0 technical
Stallman, Richard Boston MA Free Software Foundation technical
Holovaty, Adrian Chicago IL technical
Newman, Eric BlogBurst / Pluck Corp. technical
Zuckerman, Ethan Lanesborough MA Global Voices Online / Berkman Center technical, democracy
Cohen, Bram Bellevue WA BitTorrent technical, film
Curley, Rob Washington DC Washington Post technical, newspaper, local
Haughey, Matthew San Francisco CA (see Creative Commons) technical, social
Heiferman, Scott New York NY technical, social, sustain
Newmark, Craig San Francisco CA Craigslist technical, sustain