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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Sigwart, Julie Carpinteria CA Take Back the Media media watchdog, politics
Marshall, Joshua Micah New York NY Talking Points Memo / TPM Cafe / TMP Muckraker muckraker, blog, politics
Silicio, Tami Tami Silicio citizen
Smiley, Tavis Los Angeles CA Tavis Smiley Show / The Smiley Group Inc. TV, radio, political
Sifry, David L. San Francisco CA Technorati Inc. technical
Cuellar, DeAnne San Antonio TX Texas Media Empowerment Project group, sustain, diversity
Shea, Joe Bradenton The American Reporter Digital Daily online
Orren, Michael G. Dallas TX The Daily Peg ( local, sustain
Stewart, Jon New York NY The Daily Show with Jon Stewart video
Maines / Robinson / Maguire, Natalie / Emily / Martie The Dixie Chicks entertain, politics
Bartlett, Robin Ely NV The Garnet Mercantile ownership
Van Slyke, Tracy The Media Consortium group
Frankonis, Christopher Portland OR The One True b!X's PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE local
Rowe, Sandra Mims Portland OR The Oregonian editor, newspaper
Moyle, John Overland MO The Overland Examiner local