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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Beckwith, Dave Charlotte NC local
Beers, David Vancouver BC The Tyee local
Behrens, Dan Marysville OH Marysville Journal-Tribune ownership
Bentley, Clyde Columbia MO MyMissourian.COM local, sustain
Bergman, Lowell Berkeley CA Univ. of California School of Journalism individual
Bharat, Krishna Mountain View CA Google Inc. prospect
Blanton, Thomas S. Washington DC National Security Archive at GWU group
Blethen, Frank Seattle WA Seattle Times Co. / Frank Blethen ownership
Bloch, Larry Brattleboro VT Radio Free Brattleboro radio
Bloomberg, Michael New York NY Bloomberg LLP -- Michael Bloomberg business, sustain
Bouton, Jim Sheffield MA Jim Bouton book
Bowen, Wally Asheville NC Mountain Area Information Network local, sustain
Boyer, John Annandale VA Media for America Campaign advocacy
Bozell III, L. Brent Alexandria VA Media Research Center / Cybercast News Service politics
Brandon, Liane Harriman NY New Day Films