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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Hazen, Don San Francisco CA AlterNet -- Independent Media Institute aggregator, sustain
Haughey, Matthew San Francisco CA (see Creative Commons) technical, social
Hatfield, Justinian Golden CO -- Mile High Newspapers local
Harris, Timothy Seattle WA Real Change News newspaper
Harris, Jay T. Los Angeles CA University of Southern California individual
Hamer, John Seattle WA Washington News Council group, watchdog, firstamendment
Hall, Scott Grand Rapids MN Northern Community Radio Inc. / KAXE radio,local
Hall, Andy Madison WI Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism journalism, watchdog, sustain
Grussing, Sandy Atwater MN Atwater Sunfish Gazette ownership
Grossman, Andy Washington DC / Center for Corporate & Community Ethics advocacy
Griest, Stephanie Elizondo New York NY National Coalition Against Censorship group, firstamendment
Grieco, Helen Tiburon CA Our Media Voice tv, group, watchdog
Greenwald, Robert Culver City CA Robert Greenwald Productions Inc. / Brave New Films film
Greene, Richard Kansas City MO local
Graham, John Langley WA Giraffe Heroes Project local, group