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name city state firm type
Stewart, Jon New York NY The Daily Show with Jon Stewart video
Mandell, Johnathan New York NY Gotham Gazette local, ownership, sustain
Denton, Nick New York NY Gawker Media Inc. niche, blogs, sustain
Andrade, Denise New York NY Grassroots Media Coalition local, advocacy
Baron, Andrew M. New York NY video, blog, news
Jarvis, Jeff New York NY Jeff Jarvis
Mayberry, Jessica New York NY Video Volunteers education, advocacy
Marshall, Joshua Micah New York NY Talking Points Memo / TPM Cafe / TMP Muckraker muckraker, blog, politics
Price, Keith New York NY OutQ in the Morning with Larry Flick satellite radio
Steiger, Paul New York NY ProPublica sustain, journalism
Sterne, Rachel New York NY citizen, journalism, multimedia
Chevigny, Katy New York City NY Arts Engine film, video
Anderson, Steve Newmarket, Ontario, Canada Center for Information Awareness, COA News online
Schure, Terry North Woodmere NY f/k/a World Press Review foreign
Wigley, Griff J. Northfield MN Northfield Citizens Online local