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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Perlstein, Jeff Oakland CA Media Alliance local
Young, Karen Chicago IL Media Democracy Chicago Inc. prospect
Fischer, Saskia Washington DC Media Empowerment Project -- UCC / Ford research
Boyer, John Annandale VA Media for America Campaign advocacy
Brock, David Washington DC Media Matters for America watchdog
Bozell III, L. Brent Alexandria VA Media Research Center / Cybercast News Service politics
Storm, Brian Brooklyn NY Media Storm video, multimedia
Schechter, Danny New York NY / Globalvision democracy
Rogers, Susan Grass Valley CA MediaLiteracy.COM advocacy
Heiferman, Scott New York NY technical, social, sustain
Haughey, Matthew San Francisco CA (see Creative Commons) technical, social
Moore, Michael MichaelMoore.COM film
Hatfield, Justinian Golden CO -- Mile High Newspapers local
Thompson, Matt Minneapolis MN Minneapolis Star Tribune -- McClatchy Newspapers newspapers, future
Barnes, Nancy Minneapolis MN Minneapolis Star-Tribune newspaper