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Media Giraffe Prospect List

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name city state firm type
Maher, Bill Los Angeles CA Bill Maher -- Real Time on HBO politics
Maglione, Jim Fairfield CT, LLC local
Mack, Joshua Brooklyn NY local, aggregator, online
Ma, Olivia San Bruno CA YouTube video, citizen, journalist
Lydon, Christopher Cambridge MA Open Source Media Inc. radio
Lombard, Ken Seattle WA Starbucks Entertainment retail
Lockwood, Denise Racine WI Know More local, news, blogger
Liu, Donna Princeton NJ University Channel Project academic, resource, audio, podcast, multimedia
Little, John W. Houston TX Ubuntu Video blog, video, journalism
Lieberman, Jon Washington DC Jon Lieberman -- Sinclair Broadcasting pgiraffe
Lewis, Charles Washington DC Fund for Independence in Journalism / Center for Public Integrity watchdog, group, politics, muckraker, sustain
Lessig, Lawrence Stanford CA Creative Commons -- Larry Lessig senior
Lee, Karen (Jo) Providence RI technical
Lee, Debra Washington, D.C. Black Entertainment Television TV
Lawson, Jonathan Seattle WA ReclaimTheMedia.ORG group, firstamendment